Commercial Counselor's Office Job Announcement

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Job Announcement

Turkish Commercial Consulllor’s Office in Warsaw will hold an examination in order to employ a local expert.

I) Prerequisite of entrance to the said examination for Candidates :

1) To hold a degree of university (preferably in the fields of economics, management, international relation, international trade or/and business, public administration, political science, Turkology).

2) Have experience in the fields of economy, commerce (preferably research and reporting, statistics, consulting, event organization, advertisement and promotion, communication and public relation).

3) High level of language skill of English (communicating in Polish is obligatory for the Turkish and non-Polish candidates and for Polish candidates, communicating in Turkish is preferential).

4) Ability to make academic research and prepare reports.

5) Ability and experienced to use of windows applications.

6) Being representative.

7) Having medical certificate for
working under the conditions required (Medical certificate only must be provided by the candidate who may be employed with the required scores from the examination).

8) Having citizenship of Poland or/and having working and residence permits.

10) Having no criminal record.


1. Application letter with the information about address, telephone number, e-mail.


3.The original ID or photocopy of front and back sides of ID (the original document must be presented at the time of application).

4.The original diploma of university or a copy of diploma (the original document must be presented at the time of application) and one more copy of diploma with.

5.Two picture (biometric)taken in last 6 months.

For application by post, with the condition of bringing the originals afterwards, the copies of documents given 3, 4, 5 can be posted to the given address at the end of announcement).


Original passport or ID should be presented before exam taken.

a) Written Exam:

Date will be announced in consequtive weeks of application expiry date

Address: ul. Wspólna 35/14, 00-519, Warszawa

Content of Written Exam:

Between 10.00 am and 12.00 am:

Translation from Turkish to Polish (1 hour)

from Polish to Turkish (1 hour)

Between 14.00-16.00:

Translation from English to Turkish
(1 hour)

Writing in Turkish or English and short PPT presentation (1 hour)

b) Features of Oral and Practical Examinations:

The candidates who are successful in the written examination will be called for verbal examination taking place on a consequtive day after the written exam at 10.00 am in the Turkish Commercial Counselor's Office in Warsaw.

Subjects: International trade and Turkish-Polish bilateral economic and commercial relations.

Oral Examination: Making presentation of the PPT presentation made by candidates during the written examination.

Typing text in word program in Turkish/English/Polish(1 hour)minutes) Short Presentation in PPT in Turkish or English


Application should be done until
of March 2020 -
5.30 pm. to the Turkish Commercial Counselor's Office in Warsaw (ul. Wspólna 35/14, 00-519,
Warszawa) personally or by post. The Turkish Commercial Counselor's Office in Warsaw is not responsible for any misdelivery happened of the documents by post. The documents can be send as electronic document (by scanned in the format of
PDF)for the first stage of application with the condition to present the original at the site of application simultaneously) .


Written Exam:
Turkish Commercial Counselor's Office in Warsaw, ul. Wspólna 35/14, 00-519, Warszawa

Oral and Practical Examination:
Turkish Commercial Counselor's Office in Warsaw, ul. Wspólna 35/14, 00-519, Warszawa.

Tel: +48 22 646 14 08

Fax: +48 22 646 34 47


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Monday - Friday

09.00 - 12.30 / 13.30 - 17.00

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